ALTA NATIVE S.L. is a Spanish company founded in 2006, with the aim of planning the planting of oriental vegetables and sell them. Since its foundation, ALTA NATIVE S.L. has always operated in the agricultural sector.

Its Manager, Hok Leung Pang, is one of the pioneers in introducing the programming of planting of oriental vegetables in the province of Valencia (Spain), an activity that makes up one of the economic backbone of the area.

The cultivated area is located inside the Natural Park of the Albufera, in the province of Valencia, around 20 km. south of Valencia city, near the city of Sueca.

The temperate Mediterranean climate and the sandy soil are favorable factors for the optimal cultivation of oriental vegetables, especially to be able to anticipate the production of the Central European countries.

The fight against insects, pests, spiders and other wildlife is a very hard job, as we are producing within a Natural Park. In addition to increasing our production every year, we have greatly reduced the use of pesticides and products to apply. In fact, we are in possession of the GLOBALGAP certificate of production of oriental vegetables.

From only 5 customers in the beginning, ALTA NATIVE S.L. has grown to more than 200 customers today. In addition to national customers, we send vegetables to our customers in central and western Europe (France, Italy, UK, Holland, Germany, …).

The company is formed by an experienced team in this sector, structured as follows:

– Management.

– Administrative and accounting department.

– Commercial department.

– Quality department.

– Crops department.

ALTA NATIVE S.L. has managed to increase employment with his activity and increase standard of living of the domestic economy and families grows oriental vegetables.

The increase in the level of chinese population in Spain and Europe has led to an increase in the consumption of vegetables native to their countries. This has led ALTA NATIVE S.L. Increase their production and implement crop quality control systems, reducing the use of pesticides and chemicals in their crops.

Our objectives, besides completely satisfying the customer and having satisfied producers, is to increase the quality of our products maintaining a good balance with the environment.